Quotes from letters I’ve received from folks as they order or reorder:

...I purchased your cookbook at the Country Music Hall of Fame and have really enjoyed it ...chocolate pie was just like the one my mother always made and I have tried for years to find a recipe for it. I would like to order 3 more cookbooks to give as gifts.
Sheila W

...would love to have one of your family cookbooks.
Janis G

...please send a copy of your fabulous cookbook.
Kendra D

...sounds great. Can’t wait to get it.
Mary A

...your fried pies make me homesick for the ones my mom used to make.
Grace B

...we received your cookbook yesterday and are “carried away” with it. I have a small collection of cookbooks but this one is special!
Margaret & Pearl N sounds great!
Martha R

...I grew up on a farm enjoying the same wonderful dishes that you have in your cookbook. I collect cookbooks but actually not a one with the really old-fashioned wonderful down-home things that the newspaper article featured. Thanks for the memories!
Helen G

...can’t wait to get your cookbook. I love local recipes
...Mandy Mc

...your peach pies looked wonderful and delicious. I have always wanted to learn to make fried homemade fruit pies but had no one to teach me
...Linda C

...thank you for sharing your family recipes.
Barbara S

...enclosing check for another cookbook ...ordered one in July - love it!.
Lucile I

...cannot resist that good southern cooking.
Jim & Ethel B

...bought your cookbook at Tennessee Book Fair and want to share it with others. It is the best collection of southern new and old favorites I have seen. Thanks!
Sara D

...some of them really brought back some good memories
...Betty G

...the cookbook is wonderful! ..making Martha’s Lime Jello Salad...
Gloria B

...heard about your cookbook on the Bill Mack Show XM 171.
Michael T

...fried pies sound wonderful. Jenny F

...please send cookbook, it looks wonderful.
Miriam T

...please autograph it. I will make the fried pies immediately!
Lola H

...can’t wait to bake and try fried pies and chocolate pie. Both were favorites that my Granny used to make.
Mike M

...watched More At Midday (WSM-TV) and really liked your Easy Chicken Pie, looked really easy and good.
Nila P

...saw you on More At Midday cooking Easy Chicken Pie. It was great! Can’t wait to try more!
Lewanda L

...please send your great “southern cooking” cookbook. Would be wonderful if I could get it by Mother’s Day!
Helen A

...saw you on Talk of the Town (CBS) and love your recipes. I hope I’m not too late to get one.
Stella H

...your food looked so delicious as I watched you and Holly Thompson on Channel 4 was so enticing that I am ordering one of your cookbooks.
Kathleen T

...please autograph and mail 5 cookbooks
...Charles Mc

...this cookbook is a birthday present from me to me.
Linda W

...I will be trying the congealed cranberry salad recipe. I’m sure it will be as delicious as the other recipes I’ve tried from your cookbook.
Linda S

...please send a copy of your fabulous cookbook.
Kendra D

...sounds great. Can’t wait to get it.
Mary A.