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Today's recipe has won top honors at the Tennessee State Fair and the Williamson County Fair baking competitions. It's a family favorite!
Homemade Fried Peach Pies
1 & 1/4 cups self-rising flour (I use White Lily)
3 Tablespoons Crisco shortening
1/2 cup cold buttermilk
   Place flour in a bowl. Cut in shortening using pastry cutter until it reaches a coarse cornmeal texture. Slowly pour in milk using a spatula to blend; using only enough milk to moisten flour.
   Turn out onto a generously floured dough board. Roll out very thin. Using sifter, shake a little flour as needed on hands, board and dough. Using a 5" cookie cutter, you should get 8 crusts. If not, your crust is probably not thin enough. Thin makes them flaky and tender. Heat electric skillet to 400 °. 
   Filling: Gently place approx. 2 Tablespoons cooked peaches on one-half side of crust, leaving enough edge for crimping. Gently fold other side over to make half-moon shape. Using fingers, crimp securely around edge. Gently place pie in skillet and cook 2-3 minutes on each side. Turn once. Place on rack to fully cool.
   To cook the fruit: Place peeled (seed removed) fresh peaches in large heavy pot. Add sugar to taste. Cook slowly, low heat until soft. Drain the juice. I freeze cooked peaches 1 to 3-cup portions. (the above recipe uses 1 cup of cooked peaches). Easier to thaw only what you need. Thaw in a strainer for draining any remaining juice before using.  
          taken from: "Areeda's Southern Cooking, a collection of old-fashioned recipes" Cookbook
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